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Dr David Slattery is an internationally fellowship trained and recognised surgeon specialising in paediatric, adolescent and adult pelvic, hip and knee surgery.
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Specialist pelvic, hip & knee surgeon

David Slattery


David Slattery specialises in anterior minimally invasive hip replacement, periacetabular osteotomy, and hip arthroscopy, as well as the latest in hip and knee replacement surgical techniques. Practicing for more than 10 years, he’s undertaken fellowship training with leading British, European and Australian orthopaedic specialists, giving him a broad practice area and the capabilities to assist patients with a wide variety of conditions.

Writing extensively on range of orthopaedic topics, David strives to further develop his knowledge of hip and knee disorders. With a patient-centric approach to practice, David aims to help each individual make the most informed decisions about their health, supporting them towards achieving optimal health outcomes.

“Striving to get you back on your feet”


David Slattery is an internationally trained pelvic and hip surgeon with experience in advanced surgical techniques covering a broad spectrum of issues from simple to complex hip problems, including arthritis, developmental dysplasia, painful and problematic hip replacements, Perthes’ disease, labral tears and femoracetabular impingement.


David Slattery treats a wide variety of paediatric, adolescent and adult knee conditions including arthritis, ligament ruptures (ACL), meniscal tears, fractures and dislocations with the latest in cutting edge technology such as computer assisted 3D navigation and robotic knee joint replacement.


David Slattery has extensive expertise and sub-specialist international training in fracture surgery, treating both upper and lower limb trauma (fractures) and broken bones in children, adolescents and adults. He is available at short notice and aims to see all fractures within 24 hours to get you on the path to recovery.

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