Is A Hip Replacement Covered By Medicare?

The cost of a hip replacement is one of the more expensive reconstructive orthopaedic surgeries you can have, and with the total costs coming in at around $25,000-$30,000, this can have a big impact on who thinks they can afford it. There are other additional costs also related to this surgery such as blood tests, scans and x-rays so it is extremely important to be aware of what different insurance companies will cover, and the type of cover you choose to buy.

All Australian residents are covered by the public health system through the universal healthcare insurance scheme known as Medicare, which is publicly funded and operated by the nation’s social security department. The scheme either fully covers the cost of most primary healthcare services in the public healthcare sectors, and can partially cover treatment in the private sector. The problem in public is that the current waiting time in public is around 3-4 years for a hip total replacement. Many allied health services are also partially covered by Medicare, including physiotherapy, which is an important part of recovery from any hip replacement surgery.

Most orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne consultation fees and procedures are covered by Medicare item numbers, and these numbers have an associated rebate, but this will not always allow you your choice of surgeon, and certain surgeries may not be available within the public sector.

Is a hip replacement covered by Medicare? Many people opt to have private health insurance in addition to Medicare, and this can reduce waiting periods and offer more flexibility on the type of surgery you have and the choice of your preferred surgeon, but it can be costly and you need to know exactly what your private insurance will cover you for.

Consult With Your Doctor First

It is important to speak with your hip surgeon first to get an idea of their costs. If you have private health cover you generally need to check you are covered for joint replacement as it is normally only available on the top tiers of coverage

Typically health insurance will cover the cost of the hip replacement surgery, but most of this goes towards paying for your hospital stay and not the doctor’s costs. Your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne should be open and honest about their fees, and willing to help you find the best solution for your surgery.

Dr. David Slattery is happy to discuss orthopaedic surgery costs at your consultation, and he will try and keep any out of pocket expenses to a minimum.

What If I Don’t Have Private Insurance?

Is a hip replacement covered by Medicare? Medicare will cover some of the costs, but as we said above, the total amount can still add up. Dr. Slattery regularly operates on uninsured patients and quotes can be arranged for you prior to surgery.