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Lower Limb Fractures/Broken Bones

Lower Limb Fractures/Broken Bones


Fractures (Broken Bones) of the thigh, knee and leg, are common from both minor and major accidents.  These are incapacitating in the short term as they commonly require the use of crutches, casts and modifications of activities as well as time off work and driving restrictions.

Lower limb fractures are commonly the result of:

  • Falls
  • Twisted ankles/Rolled Ankles
  • Kneecap dislocations/patella dislocations
  • Sports injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Workplace accidents

Common Fractures of the lower limb include:

  • Fractured toes and feet: lisfranc injuries, talus fractures
  • Fractured ankles and legs – tibia/fibula fractures
  • Tibial fractures
  • Patella fractures
  • Femoral fractures
  • Hip fractures

It is crucial that lower limb injuries are evaluated by an appropriately trained medical professional, due to the fact that serious injuries can eventuate from seemingly minor trauma, and if not correctly managed, can lead to life long problems. Dr Slattery is a lower limb expert and is available to assess all lower limb injuries at short notice, via telehealth or in person at his consulting sites in Melbourne, Windsor, Heidleburg and Brighton. Please contact us on 03 5752 5020 or to schedule an appointment.

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