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Robotic Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Robotic Total Hip Replacements in Melbourne

Experiencing hip issues often means living with constant pain, impacting every facet of life. From giving up cherished sports to struggling with basic mobility, the effects are profound. But, with innovative solutions like robotic hip replacement surgery, there’s a beacon of hope. Dr. David Slattery is at the forefront, offering a path to regain mobility and return to the activities you love.

Hip replacement surgery has long been a solution for those suffering from bone and tissue deterioration in the hip, often due to injury, arthritis, or other conditions. While traditional surgery has been effective, it sometimes resulted in uneven leg lengths. The advent of robotic anterior hip replacement has significantly enhanced success rates and expedited recovery times.

Understanding Robotic Total Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

Robotic hip replacement is an advanced surgical method that employs a robotic arm for precise implant positioning. This technology, utilizing standard implants placed anteriorly or posteriorly, is augmented by computer-guided socket positioning.

Since its inception around 2010 in the UK and introduction to Australia in 2016, these robotic procedures have represented a significant advancement in surgical precision. The process includes a CT scan for meticulous planning and computer-assisted adjustments.

The key distinction of robotic hip surgery from traditional methods is the robotic arm’s role in ensuring accurate placement of the artificial hip joint. This involves additional steps like placing trackers in the pelvis and using the robotic arm for precise socket preparation and insertion, while the surgeon oversees and conducts the rest of the procedure.

The Benefits of Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery

Choosing Dr. Slattery for your robotic hip surgery means entrusting your care to an expert renowned for exceptional outcomes, including reduced pain and quicker recovery. Robotic techniques have shown to be significantly more effective in matching leg lengths and achieving correct hip joint angles, key factors for a successful surgery.

Our goal is to restore your mobility and quality of life as swiftly as possible.

Recovery and Rehabilitation Post-Surgery

The journey of recovery and rehabilitation following robotic hip surgery is crucial. Patients often experience a smoother and quicker recuperation due to the precision of robotic surgery. Dr. Slattery’s approach includes a personalized rehabilitation plan, focusing on physical therapy, strength exercises, and careful guidance on resuming daily activities.

Cost and Insurance Coverage in Melbourne, Australia

The cost of robotic hip replacement in Melbourne can vary. Generally, the total cost is around $25,000, but this can be impacted by Medicare rebates and the specifics of health insurance coverage. Understanding the financial aspects, including surgeon’s fees, anaesthetist’s fees, and hospital charges, is vital. Dr. Slattery’s office provides assistance in navigating these financial aspects, including insurance claims and out-of-pocket expenses.

Potential Advantage and Disadvantage of Robotic Hip Replacement – Will There Be Pain?

Potential advantages of robotic total hip replacement is that it allows highly accurate socket placement, which may translate to improved implant lifespan and overall success of the operation. Studies to date however have not been for a large enough time to show whether or not this has been effective.

Potential disadvantages of robotic hip joint replacement surgery currently are that it involves a large dose of pelvic radiation through a CT scan, which is not normally required for other hip replacements. It also requires further trackers to be placed in the pelvis which requires additional incisions. The main disadvantage however with robotic hip surgery technology especially on joint replacement is that it only assists with positioning of the socket of the hip replacement. It currently does not assist with positioning or placement of the femoral component, which is vitally important for restoration of leg length, soft tissue tension, and stability of the hip.

Could You Benefit from Robotic Hip Surgery?

To find out whether you could benefit from robotic hip surgery, make an appointment with Dr David Slattery to discuss your hip problems. Dr David Slattery is a professional and experienced orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne, who has a wealth of experience in all kinds of orthopaedic surgeries and specialises in minimally invasive hip total replacements, periacetabular osteotomy, partial knee replacement, and hip arthroscopy. He is renowned for his surgical skills and his open communication and patient-centric approach. He believes this is one of the best ways to ensure you can make fully informed decisions about your treatment.

Whether you are seeking help from a professional for the first time or require a second opinion on your recovery or an existing shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, or arm diagnosis, get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to help. Simply contact us via the online contact form or at one of his consulting rooms.




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