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Can I run after a hip replacement?

If you have been informed that you require a hip replacement at a young age, chances are that you want to remain as fit and active as possible. Dr Slattery sees many young people who are highly active, playing sports, having highly physical jobs, and running around after young families.  Expectations following hip replacement are quite different to 15-20 years ago, when hip replacements were traditionally thought of as only being for older, less mobile patients. These days, most patients after hip replacement are able to get back into most of their pre-replacement


How long will my hip replacement last?

If you have been informed that you require a hip replacement, one of the most common questions is how long is it likely to last.  

There have been huge advances in hip replacement technology, with new minimally invasive anterior approaches that quicken recovery times and mean you are back into action faster, but how long does a hip replacement actually last, and what is your risk of needing to have it changed over?

Most people believe that a hip replacement will only last 10-15years, and that if you have a hip replacement at a young age, that you are going to need to have it


Questions to Ask when Choosing an Orthopaedic Surgeon

If you have been informed that you require an orthopaedic procedure or if you have been diagnosed with an orthopaedic problem with respect to your bones or joints, it can be very difficult to choose an orthopaedic surgeon to treat you.

With so many orthopaedic surgeons practising in Melbourne, this can be a very overwhelming choice to make. Therefore, it is important to come prepared with a number of questions to ask your preferred orthopedic surgeon so you can determine the best one for your needs.

Finding the best orthopedic surgeon


What’s Causing my Hip Pain?

It is critical that your hip pain is evaluated by a hip specialist, as hip pain can be caused by structures around the hip, or it can be referred from the back or abdominal organs. If you are experiencing hip pain, being evaluated by an orthopaedic hip surgeon is essential to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Structures in the hip which commonly cause pain include the labrum, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscles. There can be considerable overlap in the structures which are causing pain, as multiple problems can be occurring at the


Tips on Returning to Work After Surgery

It can be very difficult to know when to return to work after having an orthopaedic procedure performed. When you will be fit to return to work depends upon a number of factors including the type of work you do, the type of surgery you have undergone, your weight-bearing restrictions, the use of a gait aid or crutches, your age, and other medical comorbidities.

Type of surgery

The type of surgery has a distinct bearing on when you will be able to return to work. Even with rapid recovery protocols and minimally invasive techniques, most


Why Should You Consider Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

If you suffer from a form of arthritis, your doctor may recommend a robotic knee replacement. An evolving technique that has become increasingly common since 2008, robotic knee replacement uses high-precision computer-controlled instruments to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint. 

Dr David Slattery has extensive experience performing both traditional and robotic knee replacements and is able to advise patients on the most suitable approach for their


Can Physical Therapy Help Me Avoid Hip Replacement?

While advances in technique have reduced the amount of recovery time required after a hip replacement, it’s understandable that patients want to consider conservative options prior to surgery. 

Dr David Slattery has extensive experience providing pre-operative support for osteoarthritis patients. A key component in his conservative treatment schedule is the use of physical therapy. In this article, Dr Slattery discusses the utility of physical therapy for osteoarthritis patients, its effect on existing cases of hip arthritis, and its use in a


How do you know when it’s time for hip replacement surgery?

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to know what is causing your recurring hip pain, and working through the process of getting a diagnosis can be very frustrating. No one should be suffering chronic pain in their hips as there are options available to rectify the problems you are having. 

Hip pain can have a myriad of causes but not all of them can be relieved by a hip replacement. Anything from sciatica to rheumatoid arthritis can cause stiffness and other long lasting issues that radiate through the buttocks and legs, ultimately


What are the best recovery exercises after knee replacement surgery?

The road to recovery after a knee replacement can seem daunting, but the pay off for the hard work is life changing, especially if you have been living with chronic pain and recurring injuries in your knee. A strong commitment to physical rehabilitation after a knee


Rehabilitation After Hip Replacement Surgery

If you’re considering hip replacement surgery, one of the key areas you’ll discuss with your healthcare professional is your post-operative recovery. 

Dr David Slattery has extensive experience in complex hip surgery, with specialisations in minimally invasive muscle sparing hip replacement and hip arthroscopy. Central to his practice is patient communication – to that end, Dr Slattery has prepared this article outlining a few key points about post-operative


How Long Does It Take to Recover from Hip Replacement Surgery?

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is major surgery, requiring a careful and considered approach to ensure the best and speediest path to recovery. Regardless


What is Robotic Knee Replacement?

Recent advances in technology are changing the way many orthopaedic surgeons – including Dr David Slattery – are conducting common procedures. Key amongst these is the rise in the use of robotic knee replacement as an option for patients suffering from various forms of arthritis as well as other conditions. But what is it, and is it right for your condition? 

In this blog,


What is an Orthopaedic Surgeon?

Pain in your tendons, joints or muscles can have a significant impact on your day to day life. From stopping you doing the activities you love to making something as simple as driving, shopping or working painful and difficult, long-term pain can stop you being your best.

Fortunately, there is help. Many Australians experiencing pain in these areas find value in speaking to an orthopaedic surgeon. These professionals can help you understand the underlying cause of your back, knee or hip pain, helping you overcome it and return to the things you love the most.

Dr David Slattery is devoted to helping his patients


Is Hip Replacement Surgery a Good Idea at Age 45?

Hip replacement is often thought of as a surgery for the elderly. The association of hip replacement with the elderly means that many patients below a certain age likely do not consider themselves candidates for the surgery.

That’s an assumption for a number of reasons as we’ll explore in this blog. Broadly, advances in prosthetic technology mean that age is factoring less and less into the decision to embark on hip replacement surgery, with patients of all ages experiencing significant and long-lasting arthritic pain relief after the procedure. If you’re 45 or younger and wondering if you should discuss hip


What is Rehabilitation Like After Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is one of the most common surgeries performed in Australia, but common does not mean minor. Like all major surgeries, there is a rehabilitation period immediately after hip replacement. This rehabilitation period is designed to ensure that the surgery is as successful as possible at addressing the condition, helping you regain mobility quickly and effectively.

In this blog, we’ll go through a few key points to be aware of during the rehabilitation period, helping you better understand your needs in this time.

Note that this is general advice, and your situation may change depending on the hip



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