When is it too Late to Get a Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures, especially, although not exclusively, in older patients. But exactly when does a hip need to be replaced? With an ageing population who are more active than ever before, hip total replacements are becoming an essential factor to maintaining an independent and active lifestyle. But can you be too old for the procedure? Research suggests that most operations are carried out on patients who are between 60 and 80 years old. This is mainly because osteoarthritis is much more common in older individuals due to progressive wear and tear. Nevertheless, although hip replacement procedures have an extremely high success rate, studies find that outcomes are favourable for individuals who fall under the older age bracket.

What to Consider Before Getting a Hip Replacement

Patients who are still in a lot of pain, after exhausting all other treatments, are most likely to be the perfect candidates to answer the question of when does a hip need to be replaced? Hip replacement surgery could also become urgent if patients are unable to complete day-to-day chores, or if they have a declining mental state because of their condition. Although it’s highly unlikely that an individual will be denied surgery, a thorough evaluation is carried out by your doctor with the aid of a physician who will conduct a variety of tests to ensure you are fit enough to go through hip replacement surgery.

Recovery After hip Replacement Surgery

When is it too late to get a hip replacement? The answer will vary for each patient; however, it is essential to consider your rehabilitation before you reach a verdict. As with any surgical procedure, you must be aware of the potential risks involved. Although not common, some patients post-surgery could suffer from infection, joint dislocation, blood clots or nerve damage. The recovery process will take time, therefore older participants should weigh up their current pain levels and whether it is worth putting themselves through recovery. Younger patients must be reminded that although hard-wearing, hip replacements last between 15 and 30 years. In this case, the patients will be required to have revision surgery later in life, so should ponder whether now is the right time.

When Does a Hip Need to be Replaced? Consult Your Doctor to Find out More

It’s clear that the question ‘When is it too late to get a hip replaced?’ does not have a definitive response. Considerations regarding your current pain levels, the restrictions on everyday activities, and the rehabilitation process must all be discussed on a patient-by-patient basis. If you feel that hip replacement surgery may be right for you, or if you have any additional queries, then it would be beneficial to speak with your doctor or your orthopaedic specialist in Melbourne. The most important thing to remember is that a profound number of patients who have had a hip replacement go on to live happier and more active lives, so this shouldn’t be something to be fearful of, no matter your age.