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Plica are bands of tough fibrous tissue which are found within the knee joint.  Then can be an important source of pain within the knee as they can rub, become trapped or inflamed.

They can occur in various locations around the knee as shown in the image at right.


Plica can be very difficult to diagnose, as they do not show up on X Rays and can be difficult to see on MRI.  Often they are only diagnosed by arthroscopic evaluation o the joint (keyhole surgery).

It can be difficult to see Plica on MRI scans (shown by arrow in red above)


Plica can be successfully treated by arthroscopic excision (keyhole surgery).  This can provide excellent results and long lasting pain relief.

See Knee Arthroscopy for further details.

Suprapatellar, Lateral, Medial & Infrapatella Plica
Above: Arthroscopic view of a plica (Blue Arrows)
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