Essential Precautions After Anterior Hip Replacement (Post-Surgery)

Hip replacement surgery in Australia has become a common procedure for individuals seeking relief from chronic hip pain and improved mobility. Among the various approaches to hip replacement, the anterior approach to a hip replacement has gained popularity due to its potential for quicker recovery and reduced muscle damage. However, like any surgical procedure, it requires certain precautions and approaches to ensure a seamless recovery.

Here are some precautions for your anterior approach hip replacement.

Pain Management

It’s essential that you are able to manage your pain effectively. This allows you to participate in your rehabilitation exercises without holding back aboyt hip precautions post surgery. Follow your surgeon’s recommendations for pain management and don’t be afraid to discuss further if you find yourself in more discomfort than you’d expect. Ensure that you are prepared with your prescriptions and any over-the-counter medication that you will need when you return home post-surgery.

Precautions and Approaches for Anterior Hip Replacement: Physical Therapy

Engaging in a structured physical therapy program is vital to restore the strength, flexibility, and overall function of your hip. Within 24 hours of your operation, you’ll meet with a team who will kick start your physical therapy. With an anterior approach there are no general range of motion restrictions post operatively. You’ll also spend at least your first couple of weeks walking with a cane, crutches or a walker to avoid falling and prevent strangers from bumping into you in public.

Home Modification

You are likely to be feeling more fatigued and tired in the weeks, especially managing hip precautions post-surgery so it’s important to be prepared and maximise your rest time where possible. This can include modifying your home to reduce the amount of times you are heading up and down the stairs, placing important items such as the TV remote within reach, removing trip hazards and temporarily rearranging furniture to give you space to move around easily.

Support System

Precautions for an anterior approach to a hip replacment. Enlist the help of family members or friends to assist you with daily activities, especially during the initial stages of recovery to give yourself time to rest and recover. Having a reliable support system can alleviate stress and ensure that you have the necessary help when you need it.


After your anterior hip replacement surgery you will have precautions. It can be tempting to do too much at once, especially as the pain subsides and you’re able to move around more easily. But remember to listen to your hip surgeon and physiotherapist to find that balance between rehabilitation and rest. This will speed up your recovery and you’ll be enjoying a good quality of life in no time.

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