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Acetabular Retroversion

Acetabular Retroversion


Acetabular retroversion is a condition where the hip socket (acetabulum) faces backwards (retroversion) rather than forwards (anteversion).

The position and direction of the hip joint is critical in determining a safe, and painfree hip range of motion.  In the normal hip, the acetabulum (cup/socket) normally points forward approximately 20 degrees.  This allows space for the thigh bone to engage the hip joint when the hip is flexed – for example when bending forwards whilst seated, or being seated in a deep chair.

The acetabulum grows from a cartilage model.  During normal childhood and adolescent growth this cartilage model of the acetabulum turns to face forwards.

Normal Walls


Above: The normal appearance of the Acetabulum (Cup), showing the front (Red/anterior) and back (Yellow/posterior) walls (Jamali et al 2007)
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