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Acetabular Retroversion Treatment

Acetabular Retroversion


The treatment for acetabular retroversion depends upon the symptoms it is causing.  There are a variety of surgical and non surgical treatments that are available.

Non Operative Treatment

The signs of acetabular dysplasia may be present on X-rays and scans, and may be completely unrelated to the symptoms you are having.  Therefore it is wise to be checked by a hip specialist to determine what the cause of your pain is.

In many cases your symptoms may respond to non-operative treatment such as activity modification and physiotherapy programs.

Surgical Treatment

As the underlying problem with acetabular retroversion is one of the hip joint being malpositioned, it may require correction with surgery.  This may involve either arthroscopic trimming of the bone, or osteotomy (cutting the pelvis and realigning it).  In many cases the best option is to reorient the direction the hip joint (socket) is facing and use the existing hip joint to more appropriately cover the femoral head (ball).



Top: The normal appearance of the Acetabulum (Cup), showing the front (Red/anterior) and back (Yellow/posterior) walls.  Bottom: Acetabular Retroversion where the front wall is more exposed than the back wall.
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