How Long Does a Hip Replacement Take?

A hip replacement is a common procedure whereby damaged or diseased parts of the hip joint are removed and/or replaced with artificial implants. Undoubtedly, this surgery can transform your life and allow you to complete daily activities that normally cause pain and discomfort.

When faced with hip replacement surgery in Australia, it’s only natural to wonder ‘how long does a hip replacement surgery take’. Here’s everything you need to know about the procedure.

Understanding Your Type of Surgery

How long does a hip replacement take? The surgery that you will undergo is personal to your needs. Understanding the type of surgery that you require is key in determining how long your hip replacement surgery will take to perform.

Total hip replacement

This is the most common type of surgery and involves the replacement of your ball and socket joint with artificial counterparts. In most cases, surgery will take between one and two hours and you can expect to stay in hospital for a couple of days afterwards as you begin to recover.

Partial hip replacement

In some cases, only a partial hip replacement is required where only one side of the hip joint will need replacing. If you are suffering from a fracture, this will likely be the type of surgery that you need. Again, you can expect surgery to take between one and two hours.

Hip resurfacing

On occasion, a full or partial hip replacement is not required and your hip surgeon can remove the worn out or damaged areas of your hip whilst leaving almost all of the socket. The most common procedure is the posterior approach where the surgeon will begin by making an incision on the outside. Due to the place of entry, this approach can involve a lengthier recovery than the alternative; an anterior approach to a hip replacement. Consider a surgeon that uses the latter – by entering through the groin, the operation goes between muscles instead of through them, reducing trauma and speeding up the recovery time.

Recovery Time for Total Hip Replacement

Upon the completion of your total hip replacement surgery, you will face a recovery period typically lasting between six weeks and three months. The precise duration depends on variables such as your age, general health, mobility levels, and the specific type of surgery performed, impacting the recovery time for total hip replacement.

In most cases, you can expect rehabilitation to begin within 24 hours, with the distance and frequency of walking increasing over the coming days. You should be able to return home within a few days and return to work when advised by your doctor.

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