Post Op Labral Hip Tear Rehab Protocol

A labral hip tear is a common injury that can cause discomfort and limit hip joint mobility. For those who need to undergo surgery to repair the torn labrum, a structured and comprehensive rehabilitation protocol is crucial to achieve a successful recovery. Your hip surgeon and physiotherapy team will provide you with a plan that will help you to regain strength, stability and function in your hip joint.

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Early Post-Operative Phase (Day 1 Through 2 Weeks)

The goal during this period of time is to make you as comfortable as possible, to allow the area to start repairing and to kick start your rehabilitation program.

Pain management

The first few weeks after hip replacement surgery in Australia may involve moderate pain. Follow your surgeon’s prescribed pain management plan, which will include medications and ice packs to reduce inflammation.

Weight-bearing progression

You’ll gradually progress from partial weight-bearing with crutches or a walker as advised by your surgeon. You will be moving around with the help of crutches within 24 hours.

Range of motion (ROM) exercises:

Your rehab protocol after a labral hip tear will begin with gentle passive ROM exercises to promote blood flow and prevent joint stiffness. Your plan could include gentle cycling on an exercise bike but remember to perform only as advised by your physical therapist to ensure that you are exercising safely.

Phase 2 Post-Operation (Weeks 3 to 6)

During this period the goal will be to restore a painless range of motion, ensure that swelling and inflammation is kept to a minimum, and achieve more independent movement.

Strengthening exercises

Your post-op rehab protocol for repairing the labral in the hip will include gentle strengthening exercises for the hip and surrounding muscles. You’ll be focusing on quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles to improve stability and support the healing joint. The best part is these hip replacement exercises can be done long term.


For the majority of patients, aquatic exercises will be incorporated into your plan as a low-impact option to continue rehabilitating the hip joint and improving strength and flexibility.

Final Post-Operation Phase (Week 7 and Beyond)

During the final phase of your post-operation rehabilitation, the goal is to recover fully and return to normal activities.

Cardiovascular conditioning

Restoring your cardiovascular endurance is important during this stage of recovery. Your physical therapist will introduce low-impact cardiovascular exercises like stationary cycling or swimming to improve overall endurance and cardiovascular health.

Progressive strengthening

Your rehab plan will gradually increase the intensity and complexity of strengthening exercises, and yo should be adding resistance training to challenge the hip muscles further.

Return to sports protocol

If you are an athlete, you’ll be able to follow a structured return-to-sport protocol under the guidance of your physical therapist. This process will ensure a safe and gradual reintroduction to sports-specific movements.

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Recovering from a labral hip tear surgery requires patience, dedication, and a well-structured post-operative rehabilitation protocol. To learn more about post-op labral repair protocol for the hip, get in touch with Dr David Slattery on or enquire online today.