When Can You Walk Unaided After A Hip Replacement

It goes without saying that the primary goal is to be walking unaided after hip replacement. But the real burning question is when will that be? And what can I do to support this? Rehabilitation is different for every patient, and walking unaided is likely to come sooner to younger parties, or those without any existing medical conditions. However, following advice from your orthopedic doctor in Melbourne, or physical therapist and completing an exercise plan will provide the best chance of a smooth recovery, and most importantly, gain back your independence by walking without assistance.

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Walk Unaided?

The choices you make pre-surgery can also support a more effective recovery. Adopting a healthy lifestyle such as quitting smoking or losing any extra weight will assist your recovery, because these factors can delay the healing process, as well as reduce the amount of weight put on your new joint. Additionally, small adaptations to your home with further increase your chances of getting back on your feet more smoothly. Removing possible trip hazards, creating a bedroom downstairs, and obtaining useful tools such as a walker or grabbing device are all going to help you remain safe during your recuperation.

Of course, there are also various methods you can try following your procedure that will speed up the rehabilitation process. A critical part of recovery is following a tailored exercise plan that will be prescribed by your physical therapist. Movement of the new joint will be encouraged soon after surgery to prevent stiffness or swelling. It’s a good idea to wear sturdy, slip-on shoes to support your walking, as well as avoid the need to bend down to tie laces. To deal with any pain whilst working towards your goal of walking unaided after hip replacement, painkillers can be used in addition to heat or ice packs which ease the tissue and relieve discomfort.

What to Expect Following Hip Replacement

After just a few hours, you will be encouraged to get your new hip moving with support from both walking aids and a physical therapist. For safety reasons, it is recommended to crutches or a walker for the first month or two when walking outside your home. Inside your home, however, most patients can walk unaided at around 3-6 weeks post-operation. As stated previously, the rehabilitation process differs for all patients, so how long after hip replacement can I walk unaided has to be considered on a case-by-case basis. After the 6–12-week mark, what is considered ‘normal’ walking by each person should be accomplished.

Things To Consider When Walking Unaided After Hip Replacement

As you can see, to answer the question ‘how long after hip replacement can I walk unaided?’ all depends on the individual. However, there are several things you can do pre-and post-surgery to encourage a quicker recovery and independence by walking unaided after hip replacement. Hip total replacements are one of the most common surgical practises, and have a success rate of over 95%, so do take encouragement that this procedure will support you to live a more joyful, independent lifestyle.