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Hip Resurfacing FAQs

Hip Resurfacing


Common questions regarding hip resurfacing.

When can I walk after a hip resurfacing?

Full weight-bearing and walking is allowed immediately after an anterior hip replacement. Initially, this will be aided by crutches for the first few weeks. Most people will walk independently by 10-14 days postoperatively.

When can I drive after a hip resurfacing?

You should not drive for 48 hours after an anaesthetic. After 48 hours, your ability to drive will depend on the side you had your operation, left or right, the type of vehicle you drive, manual or automatic and the type of pain relief you are taking.  Mr Slattery will discuss this with you post operatively.

When can I return to work after a hip resurfacing?

Your return to work will vary depending on the procedure performed and type of work you are engaged in. Most people can return to office work within 2 weeks. Labour intensive work however, may require you to take 6 weeks before returning to full duties.

When can I play sport after a hip resurfacing?

Low impact activities, such as cycling and swimming, can be commenced from week 2 when you have been reviewed by Dr Slattery. High impact activities, such as running, or excessive twisting such as during tennis or golf, are best avoided for 12 weeks after surgery.

How long will I take to heal after hip resurfacing?

The wounds take 7-10 days to heal. Most patients improve dramatically in the first 6 weeks. Occasionally, there are periods where the hip may become sore and then settle again. This is part of the normal healing process. It takes three months for your hip to fully recover from a hip replacement. Continued improvements may be gained up to 1 year post-surgery.

How much pain will I experience after hip resurfacing?

Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how little pain they have after surgery, but some discomfort is to be expected. A local anaesthetic is injected around the wound during the procedure and a local anaesthetic catheter is placed in the wound after the procedure to minimise any pain you may experience.

How long will the prosthesis last after hip resurfacing?

The latest studies show that hip resurfacings in the correct patients can last 15years in up to 97% of patients.

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