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Osgood Schlatters Disease Treatment

Osgood Schlatters Disease (Tibial Tuberosity Apophysitis)


Osgood Schlatters disease can normally be treated with activity modification and rest.

The treatment is generally non-operative and most children are completely asymptomatic in adulthood.  Occasionally there may be pain with prolonged kneeling.  It normally takes 12-18months for the condition to fully resolve.


During this time treatment consists of

  • Sports activity modification within tolerance of pain and severity of symptoms.
  • Maintenance of knee motion with hamstring and quadriceps flexibility exercises during the child’s rapid growth phase is helpful.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • If symptoms progress to the point of being disabling during routine daily activity, a brief period (7-10 days) of immobilization usually resolves the discomfort

Occasionally surgery to remove part of the underlying bone may be indicated in severe cases.

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