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Paediatric & Children’s Fractures Treatment

Paediatric Fractures

Fractures/Broken bones in children are very common and Dr Slattery has extensive experience treating these and the problems that they can present.  As children are still growing and have different anatomy, they are not ‘mini adults’ and they need special consideration and treatment.


The majority of children’s fractures can be treated without open surgery. Non-surgical treatment commonly involves:

  • Casts
  • Braces/Splints
  • Boots

Due to the remodelling potential of children, even if the bones are not perfectly aligned, over time as the child grows they will straighten out, this is known as “remodelling”.  This process can take years to be complete.  Key to whether or not a fracture will remodel sufficiently are: the age of the child, the location of the fracture, the amount of displacement, which bone is affected and which direction the bones have shifted.  The rate of remodelling in a child is inversely related to age.  In younger children, remodelling is rapid and often complete. It is slower in older children and much slower in adolescents


Fracture and bone remodelling potential with age

Right Femur fracture showing remodelling (straightening) over time)

Humerus (arm bone) showing remodelling over time


Surgical treatment is sometimes required for childrens fractures to assist in realigning bones and joints to allow effective healing to occur.  This may involve:

  • Pushing the bones back into place under anaesthetic, without opening the skin/without incisions
  • Mini open (keyhole) manipulation and casts
  • Wires/Pins to hold fractures in position
  • Plates
  • Rods
  • External frames/fixators


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