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Pelvic Fractures Treatment

Pelvic Fractures


There are a large variety of pelvic fracture patterns and it is important if you sustain a pelvic fracture that you are assessed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon specifically trained in pelvic fracture care.


Numerous factors need careful consideration when determining the best treatment outcome for your pelvic fracture, these include age, medical problems, level of function, other injuries and pre-existing arthritis.  Non operative treatment may involve:

  • Traction
  • Restricted weight bearing
  • Crutches
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain relief
  • Deep vein thrombosis prevention


Surgery may be advised for certain fracture types to either stabilise the pelvic ring, or restore the smooth surface of the socket.  The surgical techniques available to use for pelvic fractures include:

  • External Fixation (pins going through the skin to stabilize the bones)
  • Internal fixation (plates and screws)
  • Percutaneous fixation (minimally invasive techniques using screws inserted through small incisions <2cm in length)
  • In-Fix (a specialized internal fixation system using screws and rods)
  • Total hip replacement

Dr Slattery will advise you after viewing your x rays and scans the most appropriate treatment option for your fracture.  He is skilled in both open and minimally invasive (keyhole) techniques.  He uses the latest generation technologies and computer assisted image guided surgery to stabilise your pelvis and get you on the road to recovery.  He has had extensive training both in Australia and overseas, with fellowship expertise in Pelvic treatment centres in the UK and Switzerland.


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