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Gluteal Tendon Tears Treatment

Gluteal Tendon Tears


Treatment of gluteal tendon tears can be with physiotherapy, injections (PRP/Steroids), or with surgery.  The type of tear determines which treatment is indicated.

If gluteal tendon tears are found when imaging the hip for other reasons, or if they are not causing problems then they can be treated non-operatively.

Non-Operative Treatment:

Forms of non-operative treatment:

  • Observation and monitoring – typically for tears which are found incidentally
  • Pain relief and anti – inflammatory medications – for tears which are associated with pain and inflammation of the bursae (bursitis)
  • Physiotherapy – this is essential as part of multi-disciplinary care to retrain and strengthen your gluteal muscles
  • Steroid Injections – these are typically done under ultrasound guidance
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections – these injections are of growth factors and can be very useful for early stage tendinitis and tears

Surgical Treatment:

Surgical treatment may be recommended by Dr Slattery if your tendon tear fails to respond to non-operative treatment, or is likely to fail with non-operative treatment.  There are a wide variety of surgical procedures available to repair the gluteal tendons, and treat associated problems which may co-exist.

Surgery may involve:

  • Direct repair of the tendons
  • Tendon advancement and reattachment to bone
  • Debridement/Removal of inflamed bursae (covering tissue)
  • Tendon Transfer – if the gluteal tendons are deficient
  • Tendon Augmentation/Reinforcement – this can be with either body tissue (grafting) or artificial/synthetic material

As there are a variety of factors which affect surgical decision making, it is best that you are properly assessed by Mr Slattery prior to embarking upon any treatment.  He is available at short notice at various locations across Melbourne.

Sutures coming out of the femur bone during a tendon repair
Above: Surgical photo showing sutures coming out of the femur bone, which are threaded through the tendon to reattach it to bone
Gluteal Tendon repair
Above: After the gluteal tendons are repaired the blue sutures are visible on top of the repaired tendon
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