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Hip Fractures Treatment

Hip Fractures


Once the diagnosis of the hip fracture has been made, the patient’s overall health and medical condition will be evaluated. In very rare cases, the patient may be so ill that surgery would not be recommended. In these cases, the patient’s overall comfort and level of pain must be weighed against the risks of anaesthesia and surgery. It is important to ensure patients’ safety and maximize their overall medical health before surgery to ensure that surgery has a small an impact upon them as possible.

Nonsurgical Treatment

Patients who might be considered for nonsurgical treatment include those who are too ill to undergo any form of anaesthesia, as non-surgical treatment generally has very poor outcomes due to the need for prolonged bed rest.

Prolonged best rest can result in infections, bed sores, pneumonia, the formation of blood clots, and nutritional wasting, and is generally not recommended for these fractures

Surgical Treatment

There are a wide variety of surgical treatment options available, such as:

  • Plates and screws
  • Femoral nails
  • Half hip replacement (Hemiarthroplasty)
  • Total Hip Replacement

Mr Slattery will discuss these options with you prior to your operation, as each option has it’s own risks and benefits.  The aim of surgery is to get you up and mobile as quickly as possible, and get you back to your pre-injury function without complications.  Mr Slattery routinely utilizes a Specialist Physician to assist with medical management as it has been shown to lead to better outcomes in both the long and short term.  Post operatively patients are encouraged to get out of bed with the assistance of a physiotherapist the day after surgery. The physiotherapist will work with the patient to help regain strength and the ability to walk. This process is highly variable and depends largely upon the patient’s pre-fracture condition.  Mr Slattery utilises an expert team of Physicians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and rehabilitation specialists to assist with your recovery.

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