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Knee Arthroscopy FAQs

Knee Arthroscopy


Common questions regarding Knee Arthroscopy.

When can I walk after knee arthroscopy?

Full weight-bearing and walking is allowed immediately after surgery.  We get all patients mobilising Day 1 after their operation on crutches.  Most people will walk independently by one week postoperatively.  Occasionally Dr Slattery will recommended partial weight bearing or brace use depending upon the arthroscopic procedure performed.

When can I drive after knee arthroscopy?

You should not drive for at least 48 hours after an anaesthetic. After 48 hours, your ability to drive will depend on the side you had your operation, left or right, the type of vehicle you drive, manual or automatic and what type of pain relief you are taking. It is generally reasonable to drive when you are confident with walking and can fully weight-bear on your affected side.

When can I work after knee arthroscopy?

Your return to work will vary depending on the procedure performed and type of work you are engaged in. Most people can return to office work within a week. More strenuous manual work, may require you to take longer before returning to full duties.

When can I play sports after knee arthroscopy?

Low impact activities, such as cycling and swimming, can be commenced from week 2. High impact activities, such as running, or excessive twisting such as during tennis or golf will be guided at your post operative visit.

How long will I take to heal after knee arthroscopy?

The wounds take 7-10 days to heal. Most patients improve dramatically in the first 2 weeks. Occasionally, there are periods where the knee may become sore and then settle again. This is part of the normal healing process.

How much pain will I experience after knee arthroscopy?

Most patients are surprised at how little pain they have after surgery. A local anaesthetic is injected around the wound during the procedure, and with oral analgesia most patients have minimal discomfort after surgery.

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